Reliability at work

Aichelin Unitherm Compass, Heat Treatment Systems

Aichelin Unitherm Compass

Aichelin Unitherm Compass, Heat Treatment Systems
Dear Colleagues!

I am glad to present you our new Aichelin Unitherm Compass.

AICHELIN Reliability at Work!

This is our guideline. Our all companies at various locations world over in the Group operate keeping this motto in mind.

We want to be known in the market as preferred supplier for Design and Manufacturing of reliable products and providing reliable services to our Customers from the first point of contact to after sales, even decades later.

Reliability plays an important role in our daily work - between superiors and subordinates, with customers, suppliers and partners, in the project teams and across locations. We believe Quality and Motivation improves when we can rely on each other.

Our Reliability is based on values like open mindedness, continuous advancements, a no blame culture, personal responsibility and respect for the foundation.

The Aichelin Compass describes our attitudes to our values and the reliability. It is our orientation and the guidelines to us on how to handle our duties at different locations and treat one another.

I thank all colleagues and employees for their ideas and critical remarks in helping us to prepare this Compass.

Now it is up to us to live & practice reliability in order to provide a benefit to our all customers and thus secure our future!

Yours Sincerely,
CEO, Aichelin Unitherm
Aichelin Unitherm Compass, Heat Treatment Systems
Aichelin is a member of the Berndorf Group. The group comprises of over 60 companies in more than 20 countries, operating in the fields of networking, tool making and mechanical engineering. Berndorf Group companies rely on a set of core values that find expression in our common corporate culture. Also we as a part of this Group have dedicated ourselves to these values.
1 OPEN-MINDEDNESSWe keep an open mind towards new products, markets and thoughts. We interact with each other and our business partners in an open and honest manner.
2 ADVANCEMENTWe see change as a chance and an incentive to further develop our skills, services and products. The foundation for advancement is a dynamic organisation and ongoing training of employees.
3 LEARNING FROM MISTAKESWe openly accept mistakes, forgive and learn from them. A constructive no blame culture is an important contribution to innovation and success.
4 PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITYWe set ourselves challenging goals, actively influencing the future. Out of principle, we act in a dedicated manner, standing by our decisions.
5. RESPECT We respect all people and the environment and recognize the achievements of others. Personal confidence, trust and team orientation are important for us.

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Aichelin Unitherm Compass, Heat Treatment Systems