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Unitherm Group is a well-known brand in India for manufacturing of state-of-art heat treatment furnaces and supplying of heat treatment services.

In strategic partnership with the leading European furnace manufacturers, company has strengthened its position as largest heat treatment company in India with plants in West, North and South India.

The company is catering to the heat treatment requirements of engineering Industry by offering full range of heat treatment services as One stop supplier for variety of engineering products.

Furnace Manufacturing Division
Aichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading heat treatment furnace manufacturer in India. It is a joint venture between Aichelin Group, Austria and Unitherm Engineers Ltd, India.

Product range includes gas and electrically heated furnaces such as Sealed Quench Furnace, Pusher type furnace, Mesh belt furnace, Ring hearth, Rotary hearth or Roller hearth furnaces. Company is a technological leader in this field with sound technical competence and necessary knowledge of process engineering.

After-sales service is an important part of the business and provides spare parts and services to our customers.

With 300+ furnace installations with leading OEMs and tier-1 automotive companies in India and Europe, company is the leading brand for Sealed Quench Furnaces.

Atmospheric Heat Treatment Services Division
Unitherm Engineers Limited is the largest commercial heat treatment services provider in India.

With 3 plants at Pune (West India), Bangalore (South India) and Bhiwadi (North India), company is strategically located close to automotive component manufacturers in major automotive hubs in India.

Heat treatment services provided include Carburizing, Case Hardening, Carbo-Nitriding, Gas Nitriding, Gas Nitro-Carburizing.

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Vacuum Heat Treatment Services Division
Indo-German Vacu Treat Pvt. Ltd. is the largest vacuum heat treatment services provider in India.

Company is a joint venture between Systherms, Germany and Unitherm Engineers Limited, India. With 2 plants at Pune (West India) and Bhiwadi (North India), company is strategically located close to tooling and component manufacturers in automotive hubs in India.

Vacuum heat treatment services provided include Vacuum Hardening, Solution Annealing, Plasma Nitriding, Vacuum Brazing, Vacuum Tempering, Stress Relieving etc.

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