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Two leading manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces Unitherm Engineers Limited (India) and Aichelin Holding GmbH (Austria) have formed a new 50:50 Joint Venture Company (JVC) in India. Our newly incorporated JVC Aichelin Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Private Limited is headquartered in Talegaon, Pune (Maharashtra).
The JVC combines the vast industrial heat treatment experience of the following companies:

Unitherm (Furnace Division)

is a highly reputed manufacturer of industrial heat treatment furnaces in sectors such as automotive and aluminium melting.


is a leading global supplier of thermal processing plants for the automotive, gearing, fasteners, bearings and wind power industries.


is a sophisticated and well reputed manufacturer of mesh belt furnaces for small precision parts used in the bearing, automotive and fastener industries.
As our most valuable customer you will benefit from:

Bigger choice of state-of-the-art heat treatment systems from Aichelin, Unitherm and SAFED.
Most advanced process engineering and heat treatment know-how assured through continuous development & innovation.
Nationwide consulting, engineering, manufacturing, sales and service set-up.
Worldwide network for your international expansions.
We will be the leading and most reliable partner for our customers by providing industrial Heat Treatment Plants & Services in India.
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