We find the best solution for our customers to enable their success. Our goal is to deliver the best technology and performance to our customers.


Reliability is the target, which all companies of AICHELIN Group strive for. It is based on longstanding experience with products and processes, includes different aspects of our daily activities and is recognizable in many areas.



Customer Orientation

The optimum support of our customers is our main concern. During planning andexecution of our products and services the customer‘s benefit is our benchmark. We takemarket feedback very seriously. A fair and honest dealing with one another is the bestcondition for a long-term partnership.


Engineering & Project Execution 

The success of a project is based on the understanding of the requirements and demandsof the customer. We contribute with our experience and our knowledge in order to developinnovative and reliable plants. AICHELIN also offers reliable service across the entire lifecycle of the plants – even if it covers several decades. This is enabled by a reliabledocumentation and the continuity of our employees.


Colleagues & Employees

Just as we are open and honest with our customers, we behave the same with eachother as well. We also share our knowledge with other teams and seek out theinformation that we need proactively. Openness also means the courage to acceptcriticism in the context of continuous improvement. The management at Aichelin livesreliability. They regularly set personal objectives together with their employees and standby their decisions reliably, regardless of whether they were made by themselves or by theteam.


Cooperation Within The Group

A continuous exchange of experience and know-how between our companies is veryimportant for us. Comprehensive information forms the basis for good collaboration andreliable performance. We divide our activities and services on the aspects of fairness andcompetence and keep to negotiated agreements. We appreciate and respect othercultures and try to learn from our colleagues.