Ai4 Furnace

Our product Ai4 Furnace is based on Industrial revolution 4.0 to bridge up the gap of scalable Predictive analysis of mechanical and electrical parts. Ai4 stands for Artificial Intelligence for furnace. Ai4 uses Standard IoT with sensors communicating in real time on wireless transmission.

Batch furnaces and continuous furnaces equipped with Ai4 have various advantages and makes it smart furnace with artificial intelligence.

  • Purpose: To provide a diagnostic tool to avoid mechanical failure of parts.
  • Task: Overloading, Vibration, temperature and acoustic analysis of critical motors of furnace.
  • What will it monitor: Tri-axial velocity of vibration (Horizontal, vertical & axial), temperature and acoustic.
  • What analysis will be done:
  • Real time monitoring of vibration with tri-axial velocity (Horizontal, vertical & axial)
  • Provision of threshold value configuration to get alarms and alert on mobile and email when it crosses threshold limit.
  • Effective graphical dashboard.
  • Vibration trends analysis of rotating equipments.
  • Report generation.
  • Advantages: By witnessing vibration velocity trends and threshold crossing incidents, concern person receive alerts and plant maintenance team can plan their equipment shutdown and can keep spares in advance.
  • Remote Monitoring for higher MTBF: Monitoring of all Aichelin-defined critical parameters to ensure repeatability and reliability of the process with the highest MTBF.
  • Aichelin knowledge base for the user: Predictive maintenance and anomaly detection in the furnace using Aichelin designed anomaly pattern detection.
  • Remote management & support: Remote support & monitoring for help to reduce MTTR.
Ai4 Furnace


  • Automated predictive intelligence.
  • Helps in reduction of breakdown or production losses.
  • Critical alarms for monitoring data from PLC.
  • Complete asset reliability and dependence.
  • Spectral analysis, modal analysis and harmonics analysis to alert early signs of mechanical fatigue.

Ai4 Furnace ide