Conveyor Belt T Series Furnace

  • Mesh Belt Furnace with Muffle
  • Furnaces for continuous heat treatment using conveyor and integral quench tank
  • Electrically heated or Gas Heated
  • For treating parts in bulk or positioned on the belt, normally weighing up to approx. 0.3 kg or more each, depending on their geometry and the desired result
  • Suitable for high volume processing not requiring frequent changes to the process parameters
  • The range of available furnaces covers outputs from 50 to 1600 kg/hour depending on the type of part and the required treatment

Typical treatments

  • Austenitizing and martempering in oil, oil up to 200 °C or emulsion
  • Austenitizing and austempering in salt
  • Case hardening (carburising)
  • Carbonitriding

Examples of applications

  • Mass-produced parts for the automobile industry
  • Screws and bolts
  • Fasteners
  • Bearing components
  • Blanks and chain components
  • Drive series produced parts